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Programs are 11-15 weeks in duration, usually consecutive weeks (although we have a few variations and we will publish in advance if there are some weeks that they will not be held)  and you prepay to reserve your seat at the next week’s seminar.    You are welcome to invite friends, but they must preregister online in advance…we don’t take payment at the door for our programs. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

We plan the sessions around a meal, usually breakfast, lunch or happy hour, and the reservation fee includes your meal.  We follow a single meal plan, so if you want variations from our standard, you will pay the server the difference for any choices.

It is proven that we grow in community, so to get the most out of the program, you’ll want to attend every session you can.  Sometimes we work in groups, sometimes we mix up the groups to add a little different perspective, but the end result is that you make a lot of new and cherished friends that will help you along your journey.

Sessions are 90 minutes in duration and most sessions include: Introduction, Presentation, Individual Exercises, Group Discussion, Networking, Charitable Organization Presentation, and Wrap Up /Next Steps.  Breakfast will be served right at the beginning, so please be prompt to make the most of our time together.  We will strive to clear the tables before we get to the individual exercises and sharing.

Typical Programs Include:

  • Orientation
  • Gifting and Strengths Identification
  • Dreams / Mission / Vision Development
  • Creating a Blueprint for Purpose
  • Identifying Roadblocks to Success
  • Improving Your Financial Position
  • Optimizing Your Physical Health
  • Strengthening Your Emotional Capacity
  • Sharpening Your Mental Acuity
  • Tapping Your Spiritual Center
  • Pulling It All Together: Making a Practical Map to Your Goal

There are some surprise sessions we build in from time to time to increase the ‘fun factor’, but we reserve the right to order the sessions as we see best and integrate surprises where appropriate.

At times, there are topics from which you might benefit from a few extra resources, products or services. When possible, those will be available here at the website, but if not, you’ll be able to purchase from our onsite registrars.

Current Group Meetings are:

Pasadena at the Burger Continental on Friday mornings from 7am to 8:30am beginning March 28, 2014.  Sessions for this program will be held March 28, April 4,11,18,25, May 9,16,23, June 6,13,20.  No sessions will be held on May 2 or May 30.  You must prepay and register online in advance – no registrations at the door.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.


Keep checking back to learn about added sessions — you can join in anywhere at any time!

You must prepay and register in advance to attend a session — no reservations are allowed at the door.

Looking forward to having you join us!!!

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