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Q:  Who are the right types of attendees for these sessions?

A:  The group sessions are designed for women — any age or occupation.  Our work is especially helpful for people in a life transition — changing jobs, reentering the workforce, empty nesters, widows/divorcees –as well as people that have struggled in finding or realizing their purpose.

Purpose Activators also facilitates one or two day outings for groups, family sessions and workplace engagements.  These are mixed in gender and can be customized to suit your needs.  To learn about special programs that fit your needs, simply contact us at the link at the bottom of the page and describe what you envision.


Q:  I’d like to do some work one on one.  Does Purpose Activators ever facilitate individual sessions?

A:  Private sessions can be arranged.


Q:  Currently none of the sessions are near me.  How can I participate?

A:  Depending on the size of the group and the format used, sessions can be arranged in your area.  Please contact us by describing your needs using the email below.  Check back often on the Seminars page as new group seminars are added frequently.


Q:  I would like to be part of helping people activate and realize their purpose.  How can I get involved?

A:  All Purpose Activators facilitators must have completed all parts of the program and then go through a certification process.  If you are interested in acting as a coach or facilitator, simply email us at the link below.


Have other questions?  Contact Dawn Paduganan,

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